A little inspiration for the godaddy contest

As we explained in our last post, Godaddy.com is sponsoring a ginormous new commercial contest. Actually, it’s more than just a “commercial” contest since contestants are supposed to submit 2 videos; a 30 second commercial and a 60-90 second “internet only” continuation of the story.

I’ve explained the contest to a few friends and they’ve all seemed kind of baffled by the amount of work that would be involved in entering. But it’s less complicated than it sounds, I think. If you’re considering entering, you might want to head to godaddy.com to see a bunch of examples of the kind of “TV” and “Internet Only” ads Godaddy has done in the past. Like this pair of videos:

That first one is the 30 second version of a commercial called “Speeding” that aired on TV. It ends with a graphic that says “see what happens next at godaddy.com.” The commercial contestants are supposed to do is also supposed to end with a similar graphic. The second video is the extended, Internet-only version of “Speeding.” It’s 2 minutes long and the first 30 seconds are the same as the 30 second commercial (minus the “see more now at godaddy.com tag.)

To see more of these types of official godaddy commercials, CLICK HERE and go to the “Video Archives.”

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One Response to “A little inspiration for the godaddy contest”

  1. GoDaddy.com says:

    Thanks for posting and explaining the process. We’re pretty excited about the latest contest! If anyone else reading has questions, shoot us an email. Please go to http://godaddy.com/contest and click on Tips/FAQ to get our email address.

    Thanks again!


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