Help me win some of Chuck’s cash!

Hey folks, I entered Charles’ Schwab’s “Oh Chuck, I blew my cash” video contest and I could use some votes!  In this contest, contestants were supposed to talk about something funny they wasted money on.  The public votes to determine a set of 20 finalists and then judges pick the final $10K and $5K winners.  I’d love to win this one and I think I’ve got an OK shot.  The thing I wasted money on is…well, pretty bananas.

Voting is done through facebook and is super easy.  Just click this link or the image below and then click the vote button next to my entry. The little facebook app request thing will pop up and you’ll have to accept it for your vote to count.  But it’s a very simple app and it won’t do anything creepy or intrusive.

Click here to vote!

The folks at Charles Schwab have run a really great contest so far.  They even had the foresight to ban the use of vote swapping sites or vote exchanges.  So that rule seems to have kept the contest from getting totally crazy.  Voting ends in about 36 hours (11:59PM on Tuesday 6/26) so vote while you can!  You can vote once a day but even one vote would be a big help.  Thanks everybody!!!  Oh and by the way, if you know anyone in the Chicago area that would like to buy or rent a giant bouncy castle, let me know!!!

June 27th Update: I made the finals so thanks for the votes everybody!

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One Response to “Help me win some of Chuck’s cash!”

  1. Joel says:

    If you vote for beardy, you’ll have two votes left. Please use one for me, too!

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