IHOP’s “Show Your Breakfast Love” winner

A few weeks ago I read about IHOP’s “Show Your Breakfast Love” video contest and I immediately swore to myself that I would NOT enter this one.  Why?  Because the grand prize was a year’s worth of free IHOP in the form of a $2,600 gift card!  I know myself pretty well and if I were to win a a prize like that I’d be dead in 6 months.  My autopsy would reveal that my BSC (Blood Syrup content) was at least a .08 and I’d make medical history as the first man to somehow completely stuff his arteries full of bacon.  Even if I managed to survive I’d wind up being more hash browns than man and my life would be pretty much ruined.

So I sat this contest out.  I didn’t even allow myself to look at the rules.  I think you had to create a music video for IHOP’s new theme song….I don’t know. Here’s the video that won.  Just looking at those adorable singing pancakes makes me want to stab their happy faces with a fork and shovel them down my gullet.  Goddamn I love breakfast.

Contest Winner. Prize: Free IHOP for a year:


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3 Responses to “IHOP’s “Show Your Breakfast Love” winner”

  1. Joel says:

    I’m effing pissed I didn’t win this one. My puppet was funnier than these cartoons and they didn’t even change the song! They just ran with the original! BUMMED!!!

  2. Beardy says:

    Ohhh, you could do a cover of the song?? In that case yes, that’s dumb that they picked somebody who just used the original version. The animation is cute but it’s about the simplest possible entry anyone could do.

  3. Joel says:

    I was so upset. The top winner of the cash prize on Zooppa ALSO just took the existing version of the song.

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