Ice Cream and Cake (and cake)

It always warms my cockles to see a really great video win a big prize in a contest. Last week, Baskin Robbins announced the winners of their “Ice Cream and Cake” Dance video contest and my cockles couldn’t be any happier. The idea of the contest was that you were supposed to shoot a video of yourself dancing to the new (and apparently “Peanut butter Jelly Time” inspired) Ice Cream and Cake song.

There was a lot of cash at stake in this one: first place was $10K, second was $5K and third was $1K. Oh, and all the winners got some ice cream cakes too! First place got a thousand dollars worth. Damn….that’s a lot of frickin’ ice cream cake. But as you’ll see, I’m sure they can put it to good use. First place went to a video that was shot by like an entire dance academy of kids. Not only is it over the top and well-choreographed, the production quality is top notch. Whoever shot that was really smart. Instead of just setting the camera to shoot a wide shot of all the action they added tons of charisma and fun to the video by actually getting close-ups of the dancing kid’s faces.

You can see all three winning videos here:

The video that took third is one of the WEIRDEST video contest entries I have ever seen. It looks like it could be a comedy sketch shot for the Andy Milonakis show. Do yourself a favor and check it out. It’ll make you wonder how the heck those two people know each other. My question is, who knew it would be hilarious to film them having a baskin and robbins adventure together?